A Genie in a Jam – Novella

 A Genie in a Jam –Art by Jerry Wright

Comprises 17 chapters on-line in BwS. You can move from chapter to chapter using the drop down menu.

Editor Don Webb said:

A Genie in a Jam is a Bildungsroman in the best sense of the word; it has to compare favorably with the finest young adult literature has ever published — or is likely to. And the reason is simple: the story does not preach, it allows readers to learn. Its conception reveals the personality of a good-hearted, compassionate teacher — with quite a sense of humour!


Thank you so much, Don. I hope I was a good teacher!

The paradox is of course that had DJ not become the Genie of the Jam he could not have been captured and made to give the company its initial success. Yet if the Jeanie’s Jam’s had not been a success, DJ could not have become the Genie of the Jam! It classic time travel stuff.

Is he like Sir Percival?

I think we all are. And that is why DJ is loveable and appealing.

The real paradox of life lies within us. We all want to be loved but we want it on our own terms. Perhaps the quest is to balance our need for love with our ability to give it. Certainly DJ learns that. His quest for the jewel does not begin in the mines. It begins when he meets Sakura. Perhaps before that it begins when he realises that it’s good to have a friend – in Geoffrey and that it isn’t easy to grant other people’s wishes but he really wants to – as with Jemima. Everyone he meets along the way, every human interaction furthers his understanding of himself and balances out his own wishes.

DJ’s quest is resolved when he shows enough heroism to impress his old teacher and I think that Obsidian’s recognition that he and DJ are more alike that one would think, underscores the moral. DJ gets the girl!

Is D J a superhero?
I think we all are.


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