In The Shine Journal and Joyful

It was in The Shine Journal that I was first published so it has a special place in my heart. I also was privileged to be a judge in the first ever Shine Journal Poetry Competition and became great friends with Mary Eastman who was also a judge. I have a poem too in the first Shine Journal Anthology. So I thank Pamela for all the encouragement and support she has provided me over the past years.


Room for God

The Photograph

The Crab

Hats Off

Death of a Modem Driver

Take Time

Leaving Home

A Tribute to Her Beauty * (Anthology One)

From Crazy Diamond to Reflected Light

Fox in the Wood

Foundations Haiku


Untitled seasonal poem Chill breezes…

Haiku Housewife


Catching the Wind

Natural Enemy

The Coldest Heart

Life’s Love Affair


The Book (You have to scroll down the page to find it)