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Bewildering Stories and I have a long relationship. I just LOVE BwS and I think it’s THE BEST on-line magazine for variety and quality. It’s a weekly magazine of fliction, non-fiction, poetry, letters, editorials, artwork and more and it also carries the NASA picture of the day archive going back to 1995! I’ve been in so many Quarterly Reviews I have lost count. My Novella was chosen for Mariner Award status by the editors – that’s the Best of Year work… and I also read for them when I have time. Make a weekly date with BwS and you won’t regret it.

Here’s MY BIBLIOGRAPHY at Bewildering Stories

A Genie in a Jam – Novella


Last Days of Coloc

Clear and Cold the Rising Moon


Trip to Tangier * ( 1st Quarterly Review 2008)

The Milgram Hypothesis  * ( 1st Quarterly Review 2008)

Blast *(2nd Quarterly Review 2008)

Exposure *(2nd Quarterly Review 2008)


Don’t Grow on Trees

What Boundaries  *( 3rd Quarterly Review 2008)

The Writing Room

Magical Thinking

Time Travelling *(4th Quarterly Review 2008)

Pure Research * (3rd QR 2009)

Matter Matters (a story in two parts)

Com’all Ye


Crunch time

Boldly Going Nowhere

The Fittest

Of Your Charity


Henderson’s Hand


2019 3rd Quarterly Review 5 poems 

Two poems in 2014 Annual Review

Ships * (Made 4th Quarterly Review 2007)

Snoll and Books

The Mission

Ludek’s Dawn, L’Aube de Ludek and Świt Ludka (Translated by Alexander Rybczyński, Toronto)

The Last Laugh

Celestial Sunflower

Full Flavour

Not His Last Duchess* (1st QR 2009)

Spring’s Uplift* (2nd QR 2009)

Days of Damselflies




Whatever happened to tea and sympathy

A Dream of Lost (* 4th QR 2009)

Accomplice to the Hawk

Flight of Starlings

Thoughts regarding Flight of Starlings

Tapping the Salamander (2nd QR 2010)

Stain of Light (2nd QR 2010)

what John and you had to say about ‘Stain of Light’.

Response to Stain of Light from Oonah

Tree Surgeon

Spring Song (2nd QR 2010)

The Cost of Cleaning up

Clear Sailing

Change Has Tenses All Its Own

Stick Dressing

Armchair Observatory Or follow these individual links:


Remembering Paris 1978


Department Store

A Final Seal

Talking to Myself

The Smith’s Gold


The Angry Sun

Aurora Over Iceland

Borrowing Thunder

Voluntary Exile

Still Living the Stone Age

Art of the Storm

The Story of Dainty Dish

I missed you

October Tones

To Prometheus Bound (First Quarterly Review 2013)

Global Language Village Art

Touching the Tiger (First Quarterly Review 2013)

Meteor Strike (2nd Quarterly Review 2013)

A Snake Awakes

Altercation at Supper

Casting Couch

Tenax Preposterous

For the Love of Lilies

Minneapolis’ Natural Jazz

Rhythm of Rain

Music to my Ears (4TH QR 2013)

Rook Band

Between Seasons

Death Among the Apples (4TH QR 2013)

Our Daily Breed

Maybe the Brave

My Aspen at Wallington

Blind Expanse


Stored and Restored

The self confessed thesaurus

the conversation


Hope is Transparent


Rainy Day

In His Boots

Meandering through monet’s garden at giverny

And She Shall Have Music

The Long Wave

When I encountered Tutankhamen

Behind Lines

Giv’em an inch

After Yeats — Do Not Hurry, Do Not Rest

In My Element



An Explication of Praise Song for the Day

When Poets Meet

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