in Every Day Fiction

I think The Higg’s Boson was the first Flash Fiction piece I had accepted and maybe the jury’s still out on whether it’s fiction or poetry – it crosses genre. In any case Jordan and Camille encouraged my writing greatly and when they wanted readers for their new poetry venture I applied. The rest as they say…

Every Day Fiction  

The Higgs Boson

Conscious Decision* 

The Brave

Resolution ** (most read)


Ruby with Sapphire eyes

A wee drap o’ hospitality

The Wisdom of Alcuin

The Heron*

Missy’s Summer



Closer to the Truth*

You Must Remember This…

Sleight of Hand

Picture of Innocence

Open and Closed

Broadens the Mind


Taken for a Ride

Blending In

True Colours

The Devils Within

Calm Waters

Song of Everything


Cider Sunrise

Stranger Still

Turn About

Moving Day

Living the Lie

Forever Scarlet

Secular Rite

A La Descartes

Hidden Communication

My Measuring Stick

As Long as We’re Together

Tools of the Trade

Forever Berries

*Featured in Anthology

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