This Blog, Parallel Oonahverse will die shortly and I don’t suppose many will mourn it. It’ll be visible for about a month. I am not sure whether I am sad to see it go or glad to see the back of it. It would cost more than I like to keep it alive but in some ways it’s like losing part of my brain. I might revitalise my old Blog. I might not. I am at a hiatus in lots of ways and about many things. Most of all I feel the need for calm and to distance myself from everything that upsets me — and that’s a lot of distance from a lot of stuff! Also I have all this writing lying about in files here and I am too distracted/busy/lazy/on FB etc to DO anything with it.

So I’ll sign off with two poems and maybe see you on the flip side.

Tai Chi Thinking

It’s all about the stuff
that we know we don’t know.
Just an observation.

See with your ears.
Listen with your eyes.
Keep your stance.

Do not react. Master.
Hold your equilibrium.
Don’t vacillate with every wind.

Even in a world where Heisenberg exists
things are no more uncertain
than they ever were.


Older times

I remember a time when
…this or that
seeming endless.

This wrinkled mirror tells a different tale.
That familiar stranger
looking back.

Too cold, too wet, too windy,
too damned tired today
seeming endless.

I remember a time when
my brain worked at a multitude of tasks
seeming endless.

This lumpy old mattress tells a different tale.
Too few years ahead, too many bones,
achy back.

Too slow, too confusing, too many words,
too many memories
looking back.

I remember a time when
time looked forward seeming endless.
But here I am in the future looking back at too little, too late?