I confess, I didn’t ‘celebrate the coming of 2019. I watched an old Jack Lemmon/ Shirley Maclaine film, The Appartment, drank too much red wine, and went to bed on the stroke of midnight before I could turn into a great big pumpkin! I had my reasons — sad reasons I will not go into here, reasonable reasons to do with the general lack of hope I see all around me and a general dislike of New Year which has come about, I know not how or when, over time. Time can be a great healer but it calcifies too. And I had just written:
At the Year’s Turning (31 Dec 2018)

Sour on the stomach.
Bitter on the tongue.
This year took a dark
turn, as if the Sun

would never come back,
it’s retrograde somehow undone
by a simple lack
of political will – a wanton

lassitude, a slack
uncaring attitude, a foregone
conclusion. Another crack
at the poor from one

who doesn’t have to check
the price of the champagne
I suspect
he’ll open in celebration.

I look back.
No choice but to go on
into the unknown black
chasm of the brave new Brexit dawn.

We have yet to eat the pork I bought for Christmas… It’s still in the freezer. Epiphany will therefore be a special meal and I think I will enjoy it all the more for that. We have always celebrated Epiphany in any case. I might well make it my alternate Christmas and the more meaningful feast. I dislike January. (I might have mentioned this before.) It would be good to bypass all the razzmatazz and look forward to a civilised feast — and we are retired, We can do what we want!!!  The evenings are already drawing out — noticeably! That is cause for celebration. And when things get back to normal maybe our walks will too. I hate this week of Sundays feeling! And I look forward to lesser celebrations — things like Burns Night and especially to February with Candle-mass and Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, to snowdrops and the promise of Spring.

Now I am reading the poetry of Welsh poet, Vernon Watkins (a Christmas present from my husband). Immensely enjoyable and worthy of your attention. I have poems to pick for The Linnet’s Wings Spring Issue and that’s always a pleasure. I am delighted with how our Canzonet turned out. You will be too!


No exact resolutions not to court failure, but I am going to try to concentrate on the light, poetry and positive things in my life and cut out some of the negative influences and people that are frankly depressing me! So do me a favour, if you really don’t give a fig about me or my poetry, or don’t even like me — Unfriend me and save us both the bother!

Let’s just see how it goes for the next 5 weeks. And let’s hope this year doesn’t live up to my grim expectations.