First of all The Linnet’s Wings Canzonet is now available to read HERE and I do hope you will enjoy all the brilliant Christmassy stuff inside. Just click the link and read FREE online. Of course it will also be available as a gorgeous paperback.

I am in The Narrow Road too with what has to be one of my favourite stories, Closer to the Truth. (Downloadable)

And on Christmas Day I am privileged to have a story in Writing in a Woman’s Voice which Beattie Siddrigdaughter asked for specially 🙂 Do go along and read it.

I am not sure whether it’s 2018 in this country or 1820! The Tory government is dismantling everything we think of as our modern welfare society and creating a Brexit crisis in confidence and people are dying on our streets — and still they expect people to go all-out in spending for Christmas. I haven’t! I know lots of people haven’t and yet by this action we drive the high street farther into dust.

And yes charity/giving is part of the real meaning of Christmas but charity is also a tyranny of the wealthy over the poor when it becomes something that is relied on totally and can be withdrawn at a whim or used as a threat and make no mistake — this is our government’s game! Fear is their chief tool!

At Christmas we remember people and Christmasses past. Those little rainbow coloured cocktail cigarettes with gold and silver tips fascinated me as a child. My sister used to buy them. But we all know how bad smoking is! And now they blame the people who smoked… a habit which brought in so much revenue in the past… for their illnesses. Never does blame lie with the governments of the past or the advertising agencies or the companies that made all that money! They pile sugar into food and blame parents for child obesity and tooth decay. Little changes.

But as I write this we return to the light. It is the Solstice. I am glad for that. I suffer from midwinter depression S.A.D. and I really think this year all the “News” has compounded that. So I have decided I will remember good people this Christmas and the intangible gifts of love and warmth and laughter they gave me, and pass a bit of that on. You can’t wrap it up. You can’t taste it. It has no calories and it lasts forever!

Ghosts of Christmas

In the present, I listen in vain for the magic
of Santa’s sleigh swishing it’s way through the snow.
The past seems long gone and the present so tragic.
This wasn’t my Christmas dream of long ago.

Here in the future the laughter rings falser
than I ever heard it when I was a girl.
I remember the smell of hot lights and cold glitter,
and pastel cocktail cigarette-smoke swirls.

Yet there in the past are the gifts you all gave me.
Prayers and carols replay in my brain;
all part of the person that all of you made me
in shades that revisit again and again.

Oonah V Joslin

H a p p y  C h r i s t m a s