We got straight on the red tourist bus the next day, on a gloriously sunny, mild morning and headed for our chosen district Nyhavn. We were a bit disappointed that the street market we’d seen on the previous day was not there but all we’d really decided on was a wander along the cobbled quaysides and a leisurely lunch. Every building is a restaurant or cafe. They all looked welcoming.

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McJoys roastbeef sandwich, curly fries, beers and coffee cost Dk402.00 (and you divide by 8 roughly to get stirling). With beer running at over £7 a pint, you only drink one but it’s a good pub and I’d eat there anytime. We could have taken a boat trip but Noel doesn’t much like boats and they looked packed. This place struck us as a cross between Chesepeake Bay and the Liffy in Dublin. It was very pleasant.

Now I swear, I didn’t know the Amber Museum was at the end the of the quay!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of amber. I wanted to go in of course but it was apparent that the museum itself was up some very steep stairs — Amsterdam-type stairs. So I asked my knees about it and having pounded the streets previous day, they said ‘Hey, we’re getting too old for this’. This place has every shade of amber known to man. I thought I knew all the shades of amber. I didn’t! It was honestly Noel’s suggestion that he buy me a piece and we chose a set of green amber beads at a price we could afford. There was plenty there, well beyond our pocket — a carved sailing ship was my favourite — exquisite. I don’t seem to have a photo of that, though I thought I’d taken one… anyway you can follow the link.

On the way back we looked for the Retour Steak House where we’d decided to eat that evening. It’s always best to know where you are going in the dark, even though the streets are safe. We found a whole new route — much shorter, to the Planetarium for the next day. Everything seems to connect back to Vesterbrogade. The Retour’s steak is decent. The chips are nice. They brought two small burgers for me!!! I ended up leaving the buns. It was okay but touristy again. Maybe the 2 bun thing saves on meat? (just a thought). My advice is to avoid the eateries on the main drag. There was a 25% service charge and I would not have left that, about £4 for ‘mineral’ water, one is paying on average £40 per btl of wine in these places (The same btl in a supermarket round the corner costs about £10!). It mounts up!

Self-catering in Copenhagen would seem a better option. I just hate taking the kitchen sink on holiday though 😦 don’t you?

These days we no longer go to late bars. We had dinner at 7:30 each evening (our usual time). We were fast asleep by 11pm. The city continued without us. Maybe we ARE getting a little old for city holidays.