I’ve always found the best bit about travel is being home again. I hate travelling and it never disappoints. This time we flew to Copenhagen via Heathrow. Why we have to fly via Heathrow when you could almost jump off Church Point, Newbiggin by the Sea on a windy day (which is most days), I don’t know. I suppose Newcastle Airport just wouldn’t get enough people to fill a plane to Denmark… Anyway having been forced a couple of hundred miles south to travel back north, we were then processed and pummelled, kettled and caged, ready for transport at both airports. At Copenhagen a confusion arose over how to find information so we could get our Copenhagen Cards, and how to get the train to the city centre. We spent 20 minutes in a queue only to find the people in it were Swedes whose train had been cancelled and who were going to going to Malmo.
Ha! What fun, — we didn’t think.
We found our way and our hotel, The Richmond, eventually — it took 10 hours door to door!

Thankfully the restaurant I had chosen for that first night was literally next door to the hotel. So we ate at Il Grappo Blu — and very nice it was too! I had the chicken dish and tiramisu. Noel had steak. Excellent food. Excellent wine. Excellent service! Lovely ambiance. A fine Sicilian drink (Passito Tenuta Orestiadi for which the nearest equivalent I have ever tasted was Pineau des Charantes) to complete the meal. HOW MUCH?! I’ll just say that it cost twice as much as a similar meal here.

The Richmond is a basic tourist class hotel and it was very central, clean, comfortable, quiet (was November mind). The staff are pleasant. 

The window opened to a balcony. No view but the air was appreciated. Storage is minimal but okay. Phone in the room. Long mirror.

The wet-room was very small but adequate shower facilities housed behind a kind of plastic bubble-wall. The floor was heated. The lights also gave warmth. My only complaint was the tear-shaped wash basin which was too shallow to be of any use at all!

Breakfast was from 7 – 10 (10:30 weekends). Standard buffet. I didn’t think much of the bacon or sausage but the muesli, fruit platter and yogurt were just great and there was a good selection of breads/meats/cheeses/boiled eggs/ tea,coffee,juice.

Thus fortified, maps in hand we strolled out to find the Tivoli Gdns which was a lot closer than we thought (10 min walk) and on 4th Nov was still set up for Hallowe’en for one last night. We spent all afternoon soaking up the happy screams. I have to say some of these rides look terrifying but we had a very relaxing afternoon, ate pizza and ravioli at La Vecchia within the gardens. Even that, with wine, coffee etc came to £70. It is possible to eat cheaper if you want to eat outside or go for hot-dogs or burgers and I noticed people had brought picnics (there were outdoor heaters everywhere) but we wanted a sit down.


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That evening we went to a Chinese Restaurant called H Table. It has only been open a few months. The place is below street level on Gyldenlovesgade which was just round the corner on Hans Christian Anderson. It’s not suitable for disabled. The decor is white, simple and tasteful. The sticky dumplings are gorgeous, the crispy shredded beef is really to die for! We enjoyed our meal and it was quiet and about the same price as our lunch that day — but better value for money! They have only one dessert — toffee bananas. We were too full anyway but that is something they could rectify. However if you are in Copenhagen — go there! I’d definitely eat there again.

We were beginning to find our way round (on foot), learning to dodge the bikes and traffic. It’s a very safe city to walk around. And next day… Well I’ll get to next day in Chapt 2.