My menu is (as ever) Liver au Poivre:

Ox liver (can use other liver if you like) encrusted with 2tsps crushed black peppercorns, flour and salt, quickly sealed in a hot pan, added to (up to) half a pint of preheated red wine (decent wine mind!) with a bay leaf, Fry an onion and some garlic in the same pan and add. Simmer 10 minutes. Serve with crusty bread or soft buttery mash.

followed by (Kathleen Ferrier’s favourite) Apple tart.

For your reading enjoyment from Editor Kate Garrett:
Three Drops from a Cauldron

followed by

In between is Bonfire Night, celebrated in England, Scotland and Wales — but not in Ireland, North or South so it never was a celebration in my childhood, which may be why I love Hallowe’en.

Guido Fawkes was a Spanish mercenary and explosives expert who, had he succeeded, would have been responsible for the biggest man made explosion of his time. He didn’t hatch the Gunpowder Plot. England was full of “nobles” who wanted the King dead (the Northumberland Percys among them) and they hired him to do the job. But Guido became the fall ‘guy’ and was mercilessly tortured and eventually put to death, having revealed nothing and betrayed no one.

And whilst one would like to think that spies and plots and torture are part of history, the evidence is clear that power is still a big game and brutality is still part of it and some people will do anything for money. I wonder sometimes if we will ever move on?

I regard Guy Fawkes as a spurious and somewhat dangerous celebration. This year I hope no child or animal will be injured or maimed as a result. Know where they are. Keep them safe.

Well it’s also my husband’s birthday and so we are going celebrate that.


The Sorrow

This is a very special issue of The Linnet’s Wings which we hope you will like so much online that you’ll want a print copy for yourself or a friend. It’s a real souvenir issue with poems from so many WW1 poets some of whom you will not have heard of before and many contemporary poets and Friends of The Linnets Wings.

We will remember them!

The War Graves St Mary’s Morpeth