I (teacher on right) remember way back in 1978 (it was my first job) getting a lift back from Ely to Canton (Cardiff) in one of these Robin Reliant cars (below). The body is fiberglass so doesn’t rust. It has one wheel at the front and Lilian (teacher on left) who was one of the older members of staff (though a lot younger than I am now) only needed a motorbike license to drive it. It was a perfect little city get-around, the Robin. We saw this one in Wallington (1st August) and it was taking everyone’s eye. What a gem! Made me feel a bit vintage myself…

We celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary at home this weekend. Moussaka, champagne, nothing too racy, more Robin Reliant than Ferrari — but that’s us. It’s quite a thing to be together all those years — and still be speaking.

In August the entire vibe of life changes. Children are off school. There tends to be renovations going on. Out in the countryside you’re liable to meet combine harvesters, tractors and balers or hay loads on the narrow Nothumberland roads, and that certainly gives you pause. It’s working countryside. The earth begins to get that peppery scent. This year the recent rain is very welcome and the cool air, and I am looking forward to things chilling a bit. I love the maturity of this time of year and the other day on our walk, I could smell everything (sadly, I have polyps) but that day I smelt every single smell in the whole of Wallington west wood. In fact I was a total embarrassment. I kept saying… Oh do you smell that?! I didn’t even mind if it was an unpleasant scent. I felt more alive than I have for a long time. Wrote a poem… Not finished it yet…but I will.

I am also excited because I am going to get two of Walter Jack Savage’s paintings that I wrote for and had published in Postcard Poems and Prose. I love Jack’s work and so, although I was sad to hear he wasn’t painting any more, I’m delighted I’ll have these to keep. I chose: Time in Mexico and Western Town both of which you can check out HERE

Speaking of which a couple of things you can buy now:

The Linnet’s Wings Summer Issue ‘Blackbird Dock’ is available now on Amazon or to read online but I promise it’s worth buying! Click the title.

Be Not Afraid An Anthology for Seamus Heaney is also now available from Lapwing Press and there are lots of great poems in there, all in honour of a wonderful poet.

And I have a poem coming up this week in Bewildering Stories which has taken me years to write! It is called The Best Bird and anyone who has read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance will appreciate what I’m saying there. Also anyone who has seen The Birdcage will appreciate the joke in the first stanza. Hope you enjoy it.

I am going to be busy in the next few weeks choosing poems for TLWs WW1 centenary issue and writing a suitable editorial. We already have some good ones but if you want to submit something stunning, go ahead. I am ready to be impressed. The window is closing though so get a jig-along.

Right, so I am off to drink some bubbly and demolish some homemade nosh. Cheers.