Nearly August? How did that happen? What have I been doing? Well here’s some of it. Sorting out the back yard needed a bit of time.

And my sister visited for a lovely 3 weeks which gave us time to do loads of stuff like meet up with friends and family.


and of course celebrate my 64th Birthday on Lindisfarne.

When it comes to carrot cake them birdies mean business — hand it over and nobody gets hurt!

As usual we had a lovely time on the Island and visited Heatherslaw on the way back — there’s a water Mill and a light Railway and much much more and I’d never been there!

and this summer Northumberland so beloved by me because it’s always cool and mostly breezy is sweltering in 20 – 26 degrees. Not my thing at all I’m afraid — and set to continue by the looks of it.
I feel for Japan and Greece and all the people suffering catastrophic weather conditions. I shan’t complain. Summer is sweet!