Spring is sprung
the grass is riz
and I know where
the birdies is

Our house-martins have returned to their nest (on the burglar alarm box) for the third year in a row. Blackbirds and Dunnocks in hedge and yew, wood pigeons cooing all over the place. A thrush serenaded us at Alnwick Garden — well actually it was singing to another thrush but it was in a tree right by us so we got it full throstle! The best of the spring this year has been the flowers. Winter hung on and it meant that after the last snow (only a few weeks back) everything flushed so we’ve had daffodils, tulips, forget-me-not, hyacinths, wood anemonies, ramsons, cherry blossom, apple blossom and bluebells all at the same time instead of staggered through the season. It’s lush! We like to go for a walk every day if we can to one of our local haunts:
Newbiggin — okay so sometimes you have to be honest

and most recently Alnwick Garden which is stunning this spring…

and so is our Linnet’s Wings for this Spring. She’s a beauty! Buy or read online.
Our little writing group has been doing writing for an ekphrastic exhibition in our local community centre inspired by work from the artists who meet there. I have enjoyed that enormously! Here’s a sample and a detail from the painting.

Toucan Talk

I wonder who can?
If I can, you can.
If two can, three can.

If three can, four can.
If four can, more can
do the cancan
under these dancing suns

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and on the 30th May I am doing a reading at Newcastle Literary Salon Bar Loco Newcastle. The theme is Love and Loss. And I go to a group in Newcastle. No wonder I haven’t ‘got round to’ editing poems for TLWs for Summer yet. Must do that!!!