Easter is early and a bit cold. It was a bit cold in 1962 as well when my sister got married. My wee legs were frozen! Happy Anniversary Ray and Margaret! 

This was hail and sleet! 

But we have light evenings again and I am happy about that — despite what I say in Noon’s the Goon.

I wish there was more light politically. I can’t see the end of the tunnel. We seem doomed to a darkness of dishonesty in Brexit dealings, in international relationships, in internal politics too. We are being misinformed, kept in the dark, bamboozled. We are even being sold to anyone who can deliver a political edge. Nothing is transparent. Everything is hidden in a lace of lies and propaganda. Russian oligarchs reign over London whilst ‘commy’ is shouted against anyone who would simply like a society that cares — a society at all! Working class people are driven out of properties that have been deliberately allowed to deteriorate, so that more lucrative properties can be built. This destroys the fabric of communities that might oppose this soulless government. The Grenfell Tower inferno should never be forgotten. 100 of those families have yet to be housed. In the meantime the PM goes round grinning and shaking hands over an espionage story that defies belief and her apparatchiks deliver photo-shopped propaganda. And what is that grin? How can anyone grin and talk nuclear weapons at the same time? I call it demonic deflection. Is she insane or just plain evil? Corbyn (who is only the opposition leader and therefore not responsible for ANYTHING that is going on politically) is accused of anything they can think of — including being a friend to Russia — hey wait — Russians — aren’t those the guys who own all those empty flats by Grenfell Tower? Cognitive dissonance and political expediency dance hand in hand round the May pole. And opinion poles seem to me to be the point. All this is happening ahead of local elections, in the hope of detracting from her utterly weak position in Brexit negotiations, her inept cabinet, her bribery of the DUP, her dismantling of the NHS (which she is now trying to put a sticking plaster over and I’ll guarantee she’ll whip it off again and let us all bleed to death!) and her total inability to connect with real people. If the local elections go badly she’ll say they don’t really matter — but they DO! and she knows it!

‘demonic deflection’

In order to win an election
you need some demonic deflection
trained minions from hell
to laugh like a bell
in whatever opposing direction.

One just shouts ‘shut up’ and ‘go away,’
keeps one’s nerve. It’s a gas, it’s fair play,
to always make fun
of about anyone
and ignore what the lefties all say.

If you want to look strong and stable
keep your dirty deals under the table.
Folk would never vote right
if we had a straight fight.
So confuse them with warmongering babble.

It’s a given one has to tell lies
but there’s no need for too much disguise
‘cos the media’s knows
where the buttered side goes
and where to aim those custard pies.

In terms of writing March was good. Not only did I get into Bewildering Stories but 3 of my poems made it into the Quarterly Review. I am always chuffed when the editors include my work. And I will be in again in April with a reply to the most popular of those poems, Book Sniffers Anonymous 🙂

I also had several poems in I am not a silent poet. My archive HERE.

I have had two poems accepted by Amos Greig for A New Ulster and they will be up in the next two issues which I will link here as they come.

The Linnet’s Wings is due out any day and Marie has done a lovely job as ever but a family bereavement is causing a little delay.

I’m off to eat eggs now and forget politics for a few days.