It’s January. I’m trying to ‘chill’ and it seems I am succeeding because last night, for the first time in more months than I can recall, I slept right through the night. No waking, lying awake, nightmares or worries — just a natural restful sleep, which is why I feel able to write a blog post today and at last wish you all New Year. Happy? Well happy would be a world without dim-wit, self-seeking leaders. Happy would be a world where poets and not politicians are rewarded. Happy would be a world where those with everything show more concern for people than pearls or power. Happy would be a world where bees, elephants, trees and Polar Bears are above valued beyond the worth of diamonds.

January’s only redeeming features are the increase in light, and that it leads to February which I have always deemed to be a fabulous little month.

Plans I said…

Well I am going to produce a book of some of my stories, maybe more than one book, some horror and some humour. I have begun to put them together. It’ll probably take all year. I’ll self publish because really all I want is to get the stories read. A couple of real friends Martin Booth and Margaret Kerswell, are going to help me to get the virtual stuff right. (It’ll be cheap enough to buy. Hope you will.)

I have poems coming up in Bewildering Stories. It’s always a good place to be. Most were inspired by Marie Lightman’s prompts from last April. I owe her at least one reading of those at Babblegum in Newcastle — will do!

I plan to lose weight. January is not much good for that but I have begun a bit.

Also some stuff needs cleared out of cupboards etc and I have begun that too.

There are some commitments I am thinking of ditching so that I have more time and am less stressed. I haven’t decided yet which ones. It’s all a bit up in the air. But I do feel I need to get some things done. It’s time. I’m not getting younger. The chimes may not be working, but he clock is ticking. Here’s one from last year:

Behind the Chimes