This day last year was my launch at The Stanza for Three Pounds of Cells (and I really wish you’d buy one!) Thanks to Harry Gallagher and Mandy MacDonald who hosted. And my friend and editor Kathleen, travelled 3000 miles to be with me on that day and I loved her being here! And she got a great reception at The Stanza which was wonderful to see.  

And if you’d like a taste of that event: Here is a recording of Peter Lagan on lute, accompanying: A SONG OF SEALS

I didn’t enjoy the day itself. But that’s another story. I never enjoy special occasions. I am a bit of a Gilbert to everyone else’s Sullivan. Gilbert never attended performances — too stressful. In fact I wrote about this just last week — remembering.

In dispute of Happiness

Seems I was never built for happiness.
Each special moment causes me distress.
I like autumnal days when I can hide
away, close curtains, and I can’t abide
the party season’s yippee happee crowd
doing the conga, celebrating LOUD.

For every spike in life there is a dip
euphoria and sorrow, joined at hip,
are the twin banes that blight my mind and haunt
my dreams and make me stop before I start
any project that might win prize or praise
or hold me up to Nemesis’s gaze.

I am so paper-thin. I am threadbare.
I fracture easily. I am aware
of all the dangers happiness can bring.
For every love song there’s a dirge to sing.
On every special day a heartbreak stands
exacting any price plaudits demand.

I’ve never smiled a smile without the fear
that next day I will have to shed a tear.
Morbidity has stalked me all my life
as daughter first, as sister, friend, as wife.
Wish me calm passage and an even keel.
I was not made for happiness. I feel.

Oonah Joslin 2017

But yesterday I was at Wallingtom again and the sky was Winter blue and robins were everywhere guarding their little patch and I fely happy — happy because it was no special day. Happy because there was no pressure. Happy because I am having a good run of poems in Bewildering Stories

And The Canzonet is out ( to BUY) FREE POSTAGE IN UK. Or to BROWSE first And my local writer’s group has an anthology out  — The Scribblers’ Pen and Noel was with me and we were happy. In fact, the simpler life is, the happier I am. This is what I’ve found. So next year I am going to simplify life a bit further. Get rid of stuff. Cull some FB ‘friends’. Cut some spending. Destress. Get happy.