Did I ever tell you about the time I was about to kiss Gregory Peck and my husband woke me up? Unforgivable or what? Okay so I dreamt last week that I met Mr Peck again and told him about the truncated dream and he said, ‘Well we’ll just have to rectify that,’ and kissed me. Only it was a kind of theatrical kiss, you know like with Ingrid Bergman, only I am no Ingrid Bergman.  Who is that model/actress who appears in adverts and looks a bit like Ingrid? Anyone know? I disgress!

Anyway this weekend I dreamt I was being kissed by Ryan Gosling — not so dashingly handsome as Gregory Peck but a much better kisser I have to say. So it’s official. I’m now a sad middle-aged woman! It’s like Queen Victoria and Abdul. Do all older women fancy younger men? I feel slightly ashamed of myself –slightly– but on the other hand the day we stop looking….  I liked the film very much, (saw a very handsome young man in the street just before we went in) prescient. Laughed, cried, was a bit surprised at times — it’s a ripping good yarn. We came out with all sorts of questions. Was the mother-in-law the second wife and did he just show Vicky the fatter one so she would be flattered? Did Victoria even know what gonorrhoea was, given that she could be a bit niaive? And what was the Victorian treatment for it? Probably something to do with mercury… Ate too much popcorn. Everyone should have a ‘munshi’ moment or two! I very much suspect Dame Judi Dench is more of a national treasure than Victoria ever was! I met her once in Cardiff — she didn’t kiss me though — just said hello.
For some unfathomable reason not all the famous people I meet kiss me! Their loss.

In September we said goodbye to Cassini and I watched the Horizon programme with a little sadness and a lot of interest. The scientists and engineers who had invested a career in the craft had also invested a lot of emotion. It was tangible. And when it was over I drafted a poem, my way of kissing Cassini Goodbye, Goodbye Cassini which, after a few revisions has taken its place in my long list of Bewildering Stories poems. It was a good fit for a magazine that carries the NASA archive of so many of Cassini’s images. You really need to go there and look. BwS is stunning in terms of scope and quality and it’s FREE online to read!!! Exploring Hemispheres was in last week’s issue. It’s sort of spacey in an underwater way too.The next poem, Kin fits nicely with the other two and so I am very pleased that they follow each other. This was purely accidental but as Editor, Don Webb pointed out to me, writers often explore the same themes in various pieces. I would be interested in how you think they connect.

Gyroscope Review is also FREE online but a print edition is well worth having and makes a good poetry present. 2017 Fall Issue is out now. Click the link to browse or buy.

Meanwhile back at The Linnet’s Wings, and talking of presents, we are preparing our Christmas Canzonet. All the poems etc are being set this month and I am hopeful it will be ready for sale for sale in November. I have seen the design stages and it’s just sooooooooooo beautiful! The Song of the Flower is available for sale now. It’s gorgeous too! Treat yourself!