I AM NOT A SILENT POET is a great site run by Reuben Woolley for those of you who like the political side of poetry. I have been known to get a wee bit angry sometimes and so if you’d care to go and see this different side of me, feel free. Versatility is my second name you know. (No, it’s not really my second name…)

But I do really love Autumn and there’s a lot to be said for maturity too. Like this for instance:

In Praise of Maturity

My poems are like Gorgonzola
strong, and sometimes they sting,
sometimes they stink, sometimes they wink,
sometimes they sing.
Political or lyrical I like to ring the changes
you’d be surprised if you read them all
how very wide my range is.
I can bring deep thoughts to laughter,
I can do tantrums and tears
because I have been writing poems for years and years and years….
My poems are like Gorgonzola
they go well with grapes and wine
and the taste may be acquired
but they’re mine, all mine, all mine.

                                                   Oonah V Joslin 2017

Our Autumn Issue of The Linnet’s Wings is shaping nicely.  Marie is working on it now. In fact our Christmas Canzonet is shaping nicely too. I have just been reading for that this afternoon. It’s always a colourful treat and it makes a great Christmas present for the book lover! So look out for that. Our latest issue is available to peruse and BUY HERE

I haven’t been much in society since I came back from Dublin. A little Dublin goes a long way for my reclusive little self. Also I have been missing deadlines and am very behind with my own planned submissions,. I was supposed to be getting a book together! So I will keep the blog brief and try to get some more work (of my own) out there. In the meantime, enjoy early fall.