April has been both warmer and colder than usual and that’s April for you! I didn’t get out to a reading this month as planned but the summer months are ahead and who knows what will turn up (if I look for it)? Our usual walks are busy-busy with Easter Hols visitors and Easter egg hunts. I like it quiet so I am staying away. I am even avoiding the shops. I have everything I need here and lots of time to enjoy a few old favourite films and books.

So here is my little gift to you this Easter — one of my favourite passages of all time from C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian

Did you drool? Bet you did 🙂

So far this April I have written a poem a day. This is no mean feat but is greatly helped by the superb prompts from Marie Lightman’s Blog. It’s a great resource for those writerly types amongst you. Yesterday I wrote one about Seaton Delaval Hall and it reminded me of this lovely day out with my sister. So far it’s been great fun rummaging through the old brain cells.

I have been writing some flash fiction too. This is partly due to having plenty of time on my hands from not editing The Linnet’s Wings because of the site being inaccessible for now. It has given me pause to think… how all that editing may be sapping my own creativity. Certainly this has been my most productive month for a couple of years.

I am pleased to be in the second print edition of Gyroscope Review, in the Spoon on ther Tracks edition of Obsessed with Pipework and Alone Again with Jack Savage in PP&P and Bewildering Stories with GRAPHENE

Whether you are a tree or not, Chocolate is a certainty this weekend. Enjoy!