All in all 2016 has been a very good year for me. I am ignoring the badder bits! There were a few!

My first book of poems Three Pounds of Cells was published in 2016!cells1

and one of the poems from it featured on the first ever poetry postcard produced by The National Trust!

gondola-cardBeautiful isn’t it? I am so proud!
Then in October I got to go back to Coniston to be filmed reading that poem in a special poetry video featuring lots of other lovely poets. I loved that!! Everyone had written superb poems about this gorgeous boat and they were all so lovely.

What a day.
img_8719and here I am on You Tube — Oonah the VIDEO

Three Pounds of Cells ended the year as Poetry Kit’s Book of the Month and I’d call that a darned good ending!

Now: Here’s a little smorgasbord of writing from 2016. Enjoy.

Liberation by Oonah V Joslin

Another Launch

The Day Joe In Accounting Said To Hell With It!

Gyroscope Review TWO poems

A double triolet about how Shakespeare lost it: Shakespeare’s Skull

The Green and the Grey
Money Can’t Buy me I am very fond of this trio of poems in A NEW ULSTER 44
So Natural

Highly Commended TORONTO GIRL

Behind Lines

Even a Myth Needs Love.

My poem Northumberlandia was published in The Fat Damsel 10 Writing in a Woman’s Voice: To Dust, and Kermit in the Kardomah A New Ulster 47 and in Postcard Poems and Prose. 

I made lots of live appearances in 2016 – many more than was comfortable for me and I even took part in a radio show! I’d joined the local Morpeth Poetry Recital Group for readings throughout the year and did 17 poems for the Newgate Street Festival in September. In August I appeared at THE STANZA for the first time and it was an amazing night of poetry! and at BAR LOCO.

I launched Three Pounds of Cells at The Sour Grapes in October. The late and lovely Mark Potts 15621671_556327111225278_4286986087311631458_n introduced me at Worlds Within Words. I have the video to remember you by, friend. Mark was such a force of nature. He will be missed.

I was with Simma Singer and some wonderful guests at Cumberland Arms’ Mostly Words and Launched ‘CELLS’ at The Stanza in November. Mark was there! My sister came to the first launch and my friend and editor Kath flew 3000 miles for the second. There are lots of pics to look back on with pleasure in this blog and lots of good memories to look back on this year.

So I thank you 2016 for all the ups and the downs, we walked through time together and that is as much as we can ever ask of a year.