We each select what matters to us in our lives don’t we —
or do we?

It’s October (my favourite month and who can tell the reason?) and this is my first book. And she’s a beauty thanks to careful editing by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson of Gyroscope Review and painstaking design by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick of The Linnet’s Wings Press.
Congratulations. It's a BOOK :)
 Delivered on 5th October. Ten years to the very month after leaving teaching and tentatively taking up writing (though I have always written) and after editing and publishing what must now be upwards of 3000 poems by other people, this collection of 45 poems in 5 sections (I tend to be compulsive like that) is about to take its place in, what has to be said is the welter of modern published books.



So why should you buy this one? Why Three pounds of Cells? Okay there are three weeks before the first launch which will be a local one — in Morpeth, Northumberland on 18th October at The Sour Grapes, Newgate Street, so I’ll try to supply three reasons by then.

This first from Pippa Little, (Eric Gregory Award, The Andrew Waterhouse Prize, The Biscuit International Poetry Prize and The Norman MacCaig Centenary Poetry Prize.)

The poet’s delight in her multi-faceted, mysterious world is infectious: this collection shimmers and sparkles with a quick, wide-ranging intelligence.

Come taste my salt again’, she says, and we do, returning to enjoy her love of word play, humour and the sheer richness of language in poems which share CS Lewis’s celebration of the notion of looking along things rather than at them directly. Whether the poems are about falling in love with the New World or ‘thoughts of loved ones gone’, they offer a panorama of ‘things that have spoken uniquely’ to this poet over her lifetime, a record and testimony of ‘three pounds of cells/in a dark bone box’.

The snapshots (mostly) by me on the cover and inside reflect the theme of the poetry — how our brains act as cinematographer, perhaps even the director of our lives. I am looking along that journey and trying to determine what is really real from my first memory to things I have forgotten and all the in-betweens of flawed memories and sudden insights — meetings brief, yet unforgettable in their impact, Wojtek Jacobson, a vagrant called Mary in Cardiff, a myna bird in Swansea, rain in Manhattan, rocks and islands, light and music and the sea, the sea, the sea!

In this book I invite you to explore with me that miracle of moments on which the brain chooses to focus!

Available from Linnet’s Wings Press from 17th Oct 2016.

 Our Autumn Poetry Chapbook There’s Magic in the Pictures is now out. The Linnet’s Wings full colour Autumn Issue will be available mid to late October and once again this year we will be offering you A Christmas Canzonet which makes an absolutely LOVELY prezzie! Poems for everyone.