I am excited that my collection Three Pounds of Cells edited by Kathleen Mickelson of Gyroscope Review and designed by Marie Fitzpatrick of The Linnet’s Wings, is almost ready to go to press. I am excited that Harry Gallagher and Mandy Maxwell of THE STANZA in North Shields have offered me a launch and that Barbara Ross has agreed to host an event in Morpeth. I am delighted to have Peter Lagan from Redcar working on music on the lute.

Who am I kidding — I’m scared!

I am delighted that A New Ulster has taken one of my poems for August and Gyroscope Review has taken one also.

I am looking forward being in  Be Not Afraid: An Anthology in Appreciation of Seamus Heaney coming out this year and also in Twisted Tales.

My poems were well received at Worlds Within Words on Friday night. Thanks to Mandy Maxwell and Mark Potts for that much needed boost to my confidence. I hope to be at BLER in September.

Thanks Kath and Constance for chatting yesterday all the way from Wyoming and Minneapolis!

L i l i e s


Now for a wee rant:

Too many red lights.

Is it mid-summer madness? The world seems slightly askew – okay very askew – correction totally off balance!

I saw a couple of older teenagers yesterday walk straight out at a busy crossing before the lights changed and having to jump back onto the pavement.

Pokemon GO is going to get me killed, he laughed.

And I felt like shouting at them to take a bit of notice what’s going on in the real world around them – not just the traffic lights. There are a lot of warning lights about!    Strip mining at Druridge Bay. Fracking in Yorkshire. The NHS. Prejudice. Brexit. Violence. Trump and Clinton. We’re allowing Hedgehogs and red squirrels to die. We’re killing Bees for God’s sake!!! Global warming. Antibiotic- resistance. Ebola etc etc. Nuclear weapons.

And whilst it is entirely clear to me why they may not wish to to take note of the real world, the real world is their future! And it’s the only world we have. And it’s not good enough to complain that ‘older people aren’t ‘explaining things properly. Information has never been more available. This technology is fantastic. It’s incredible. I can find out anything just be putting in a search. I can keep up on scientific trends and research. I can see way out into space and explore time

and they are playing Pokemon GO.

It’s not my future. I am getting older and I don’t have any children. In 25 years time I do not expect to be around – but they will. So what’s wrong with them?

On the other hand Pokemon GO is proving a healthy passtime for those responsible enough to use it well. I am told that the thing buzzes when there’s a creature around so there’s really no need to have your nose buried in it as you walk and it’s a good way of motivating children to walk (suitable accompanied) as my friend Margaret Kerswell does.

I’m away to write.