I am looking for a couple of volunteers to do a blurb or review for my forthcoming Collection of poems. You’d have to like my poetry of course. Any takers? If you want to know the kind of thing, look at THIS

Into each life a litte rain… ah yes. It’s April here alright! and it’s making with those showers but are we cast down? Of course we bloody are — except when the sun shines in between and then we think — it promises tulips right — and go around grinning — and then it pours down.

April brings memories of loved ones passed, my mother d 2003, my brother Stuart d 1999 and now his wife Mary, who was a beautiful human being, the kindest of women and one of the best cooks I ever knew! Stuart and Mary 1979Mary was one of those people to whom everyone turned for help and she never turned anyone away. She didn’t have an easy life but she made everyone elses lives easier. RIP Mary x

There’s also been a birth in the family and we’re going to a christening totally unrelated to the family, which is a lovely surprise, and balances the equation somewhat.

I’m in The Gyroscope Review with TWO poems this month but if you’ve been paying attention to FB you know that. I am also going to be in PP&P this month on 22nd. Dave Morehouse tells us there is a resurgence of winter in the UPs, necessitating the boiling of the syrup in the snow 🙂 — well not IN the snow but — hey we’re lucky it’s raining here! In similar vein,  I will be in The Ice Bar, Morpeth on 14th April with a little number I ran up for St George’s Day. I will be recruiting Margaret Kerswell again and members of the audience — so be warned.

The next Linnet’s Wings is due in May. There’s lots in submissions and I am a bit behind but I have been very busy poeting and it looks like I am going to be staying busy.