Do I qualify as a Northumbrian yet?
Oonah V'yonne aged 23

1978 Feb Left Ulster for Wales




Photo0061992 Left Wales and came to Northumberland

My Photo's 25324 years on and I have lived longer here now than anywhere else including my home town.

24 years ago today I disembarked from a coach at the Gallowgate in Newcastle and set foot in the north east and in Morpeth for the first time. I was just here for a week’s visit though. It wouldn’t be until 14th April that I closed the door on our house in Port Talbot and took up residence. Noel had been here since the beginning of February — the longest time we ever were apart 😦

We lived in a house at St Mary’s Hospital — which is now knocked down.


Life has changed a lot in 24 years. I am a writer and editor now not a teacher (Good). I don’t get paid for it (Bad). I am older and maybe a bit wiser — certainly a bit wider!

Back then I had never worked on a computer. I had never written a horror story (I always wrote poems). I could not have imagined being Poetry Editor at EDP or The Linnet’s Wings or writing a review for another poet

  Becoming a Tree

or meeting friends in America

or friends from India

or putting together a collection of my own.

Change is the one constant. I try not to think what the next 24 years will bring because let’s face it — I am 61. Let’s just say that I love the way things turned out and I wouldn’t change a single day of it (okay maybe one or three — you know). I hope there’s lot more to come and most of it good.

This issue of The Linnet’s Wings is good. And having just finished choosing poems for the next issue — I can vouch for that too. Go and browse and if browsing turns to buying, we at The Linnet would be delighted.