Alan Rickman  R.I.P (reading poetry)

I play this little game with myself every year from about the middle of December when it’s really dark, that in just a few week’s time it will be February and light ’til 5 o’clock! It’s my way of surviving S.A.D. About the middle of January winning the game seems possible and I feel optimistic. We have had our neeps and tatties and Haggis! and a nip of the amber stuff. The end is in sight. And so is the beginning! We have yellow showing on an early daffodil in the garden and that IS EARLY!

Helibores at Belsay

Flowering Blackcurrant should not be in leaf until March

I have two pieces up this week — which is good for January and some coming up in Riverbabble and in Bewildering Stories.

Making the Monster is in Curly Minds. It is about Frankinstein’s Monster austensibly and about medical science and media technology and our common humanity and how everything we create has the potential to become the monster that gets away from us. It’s about lack of control and mortality and eternal life. It’s about God. I read it out last year with friend Joan Hewitt playing my Monster which she did beautifully and that gave me the confidence to send it out into the world where it can now accuse me of being the monster 😉 and it will.

Liberation by Oonah V Joslin is in PP&P this week and I was so pleased with the response to that. Thanks to everyone who read it and took time to let me know.

Over at The Linnet’s Wings we have a  book by John C Mannon as well as our Christmas Canzonet which could enable you to spread the cost of Christmas yet to come ;). We have assembled a fine selection of work for our next issue due out in February.

In fact my Resolution for you is that we’d like all the people who contribute to TLWs or are friends of ours on FB or other media to buy at least ONE book, an issue or chapbook or the Canzonet from us this year. You will NOT be disappointed!They are so beautiful!

A friend of mine, James Graham whose work is ever popular in The Linnet, is also bringing out a wonderful collection in February called Becoming a Tree and you can find out more about that in The Linnet’s Wings too and I will be posting all over the place bacause it’s such great poetry!

I have been and am busy. My plans I will keep under wraps. You’ll just have to watch this space and other spaces I inhabit but I do have plans.



The Monster HERSELF