“It’s life, Jim but not as we know it.”

Did you see The Search for Life: The Drake Equation last night on BBC4? I had written a poem ages ago about Lake Mono’s strange life forms and so I was pleased to see interviewed the scientist who works on that project Felisa Wolfe-Simon! Though there seems to be some controversy over the findingsI’m a poet not a bacteriaologist! Anyway I am still proud of the poem now that I rediscovered it. It was an ekphrastic so there’s a nice NASA pic too 🙂 In Mono’s Bowl

PostcardPoems&Prose were good enough to take another of my little tales this month. It’s about something missing — and er — found! When I Left

Gyroscope Review has published three of my poems also. One is about the local River — the Wansbeck and its journey to the sea. Another is an olfactory poem — about what a skunk smells like 😉 Skunk was a new experience for me —  in Minnesota — and dead skunk doesn’t play hard to find! The third is about a childhood memory. I once had long golden hair! Oh yes!

My sister Christine and me:


My long golden hair is missing I suppose. It became short golden hair and now it’s neither long now nor is it golden but it’s still hair…of course. As I said in a poem I once wrote: “I have spun straw from gold”.


same grin!

Bewildering Stories has a poem on schedule for next week. The Self-Confessed Thesaurus. I found the thesaurus very useful in that poem 😉

I won’t actually be here next week to advertise it so do look in!! I am off on a writing retreat in Cumbria and I am looking forward to the colours over there in the Lake District this time of year and I am terrified I won’t be able to write a word or that what I write will be utter drivel! Hope I find my MOJO whatever a mojo is… Gosh! I hope it’s not RUDE! Pics to come… if I fiond time… and hopefully poems!

I have been working on my Editorial for next issue of The Linnet’s Wing’s for two weeks. It is about Swansea poet Vernon Watkins this time and if your response to that is WHO? Then I hope you will make a point of reading it when the time comes. I only really found out about him from my husband but now I have found him I hope you will find him too.

And I hope you will buy a copy of either The Linnet’s Wings Summer ’15, Poems for a Liminal Age (in aid of Medicins sans Frontieres) which has already raised £2000!!! or The Sea (in aid of the RNLI – Lifeboats). Both these organisation save lives and if my poetry can do that as well as moving people then I am happy! I know you will find lots of great poems in those pages.


View from Pantycelyn


Swansea Bay

October is my favourite month and Hallowe’en my favourite festival but there is something missing this year. M i c r o h o r r o r — No competition — No new stories to read — No more magazine. It’s ghost lingers thankfully in cyberspace! You don’t know anyone who wants to publish 100 horrors do you? Well you can still read them anyway — for now. So if you want a Hallowe’en Horror Fest that’s the place to go. In the mean time have fruitful October and I hope you find time to read.