Just Another Step is in The Shine Journal’s A Light Left Behind and September is a month of leaving light behind. I wrote this for my sister Esme but I hope you enjoy it too. The story behind this story is that Esme dreamed she was on a spiral staircase and it was a disturbing dream so I made it into something nice for her! Speaking of which — dreams and the like — there are some family memories going on over at my other Blog OONAHVERSE if you are into nostalgia or happen to be a member of my unfortunate family 😉 or just want to be nosy.


You can buy our Summer Linnet’s Wings and Summer Poetry Book HERE

And if you want an online read, here’s an entire ARCHIVE going back to 2007 impressively compiled by Editor Marie Fitzpatrick.

September is the month of the Equinox and it is a time of year I welcome because I love Autumn, its colours, its mellowness, its sense of peace and quiet when the schools go back (and the fact that I don’t!) and that wonderful black-peppery smell you get in the undergrowth and of which I don’t know the source (answers on the comments please). Around now I begin to look forward to Hallowe’en — yes I am that sad — but not in the seaonal affective disorder sense. I love both Equinoxes. They are our twin goldilocks zones in the UK. It’s not too warm — it’s not too cold, too dark or too light. September is porridge and blackberries. September is swedes, parnips and pork. September is spectacular sunsets, orange clouds and Coxes Orange Pippins.

We have some apples on our wee tree too — about 10 apples. They look good but I haven’t worked out how to upload photos on this new computer yet so you will have to take my word for it for now.

Internationality in Writers for Calais

Hope is Transparent in Bewildering Stories. This and another poem of mine Meandering through Monet’s Garden, made it into the best of the BwS in their QUARTERLY REVIEW and I have lots more coming up there I am pleased to say.


I have three poems in Poems For A Liminal Age which is available in aid of Medecins sans Frontieres — Couple of hundred marvellous poems for a good cause. BUY ONE. Please?

In the meantime enjoy September in all its glory.