I was recently published in PP&P, LESSON IN WOOD

Bewildering Stories DANDELIONS

and the Fat Damsel UNFEATHERED

Poems for a Liminal Age came on sale Poems for a Liminal Age front cover I am in good company there so please do buy a copy and read some great poems. Thanks editor Mandy Pannett. I note that whilst most other writers sent a paragrapgh about themselves, I sent one line!

BUT I was offline during all of this and so I couldn’t advertise any of them until now 😦

Let me explain.

We went to Curry’s PC World (not an experience I would recommend) on 4th August to buy a new vacuum cleaner as ours had basically given up the ghost and came out of there with (in addition to said cleaner) a new television set — we’d browsed a bit(our old one did have colour but not much else). Now this is a smart TV (android) and a good deal smarter than Noel and me because we then decided to change to SKY from BT and proceeded to do so the wrong way and lost our internet connection for almost 3 weeks. During that time we returned to Curry’s a few times because our smart TV (now disconnected from the hive mind) couldn’t find the new BluRayDVD player. Now I don’t watch much TV — mostly dvds so this really upset my equilibrium! Over 100 channels and nothing on them worth watching. DVD player not working. Internet gone. Blasted into the 70s! (My mother got rid of our TV when I was 15 in order that I might attend to my studies.)

Nothing we tried had any effect so at last in desperation we turned to our good friend John Garner who came and sorted it out in an hour and told us what the apps were and about how we need never leave our armchairs again! I don’t think I’ll do that but


Now we were in the market for a new computer too but this time we took advice from our computer expert before buying and went to Curry’s armed with the exact product code number 🙂 It is being set up later this week by Steve who will instruct us in Windows 10 (never having set eyes on Windows 8). He will need the patience of Job.

I am thinking NETFLIX. I am thinking SKYPE but for now I will just hold those thoughts — see whether I can process all this newness first! Wish me luck — (Oh when you need a two year old who knows how to press buttons) 😉       


Coming up later this month 2 poems in BwS: ‘Hope is Transparent’ and ‘The Self-confessed Thesaurus’. And I am so pleased to have had a poem about our local river, The Wansbeck, accepted at Gyroscope Review.

Have a good September.