Epic month writing-wise. 8 poems and 2 stories

My Name, My Name, at Silver Birch Press for their themed poems month. It kind of goes with “With a Name Like That You Should Be a Writer” published in Left Hand Waving a few years back and now being reprised in a FlashLlood Anthology 🙂 That one is a HOOT but it’s also TRUE.

A trilogy Poems on Poverty at The Stare’s Nest — a first for me.

3 Quantum Poems in Ofi Press Issue 42 just now. There’s lots of good things there in fact so do browse! This is my 1st appearance at Ofi too.

PostcardPoemsandProse — Dead Magazine and Frank Appraisal which is the second in series of commissioned ekphrastic flash this time with Artist Stacey Law. Great artwork to write to! There’s a backlog from me building up at PP&P 🙂

My 100th bewildering bit of writing in Bewildering Stories And She Shall Have Music,” (It looks like 75 on MY BIBLIOGRAPHY where you can get to all of them 🙂 but some of those links cover series’ such as my Novella A GENIE IN A JAM and Armchair Observatory so it’s 75 over 100 Issues!)


It’s in the fridge but I am keeping it til my sister gets here

That followed my 100 at MicroHorror, earlier this year.

The Long Wave also made it into the BwS Summer Review 2015 as one of the editors’ choices.

I got Longlisted for the Erbacce Prize — rather nice to be in the top 40 out of over 5000 entires didn’t win 😦 Aw — no book 😦 (Hey I’m only human!!!)

A slightly longer flash has been accepted for the Summer Issue of Fine Linen. It is called Caste Diva. You will know that piece of music I am sure! Not my usual style of piece but I was glad Kath and Dave liked it. Fine Linen comprises not only fine writing but is beautifully produced and unusual. Buy one and see what I mean!

I am still reading for Autumn.

The Linnet’s Wings Spring 2015 is still available.
TLWSPRING15 or our Poetry Chapbook Poetry 2015 tlw which is beautiful and has poems by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Sarah Marchant Joan Colby richard Luftig Ann Cuthbert James Graham Barry Charman Stan Long Des Dillon RK Biswas Martin Burke Constance Brewer Laurie Kolp Wally Swist Jane Burn Dah Helmer, Máire Morrissey-Cummins Akeith Walters and Ronald E. Shields and other stuff!