March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb — so they say. Well we saw a few wee tiny lambs on our way to Belsay yesterday but the lion is still a-roaring and we’re going to get slightly eclipsed and equinoxed at the same time this week which hopefully Dr. Brian Cox and Dara O Briain will be guiding us towards this week on BBC2. And in honour of that eclipse I give you Celestial Sunflower which was a response to a stunning NASA picture on BwS to which it is linked and a favourite of mine.

March is all good when it’s like this, cold (what passes for cold here that is!), breezy (that means blowing a gale to any other country), snowdrops, crocuses, aconites, primulas and daffs. I went looking for daffodil pics yesterday at Belsay but they weren’t out there yet! Instead I found a MONET — this pic is untouched. I pointed my wee camera and snapped!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s Belsay for you!

I thought all this celestial activity called for some Extreme Weather

And a micro-story from me in PP&P too An Understanding.

And a short story (I don’t often write at this length) is published at BwS. Last Days of Coloc.

And ANOTHER monster for you The Pygmy Giant today. Yes — NESSIE is waiting for you 🙂

I am looking forward to being in great company in The Black Light Engine Room Magazine this month too with two poems; FROST and WAX AND WANING Buy a copy from the website. It costs £6 and Morbid — the editor need funds to keep this super publication going. This time you would be getting: Oz Hardwick Hannah Lowe Ann Cuthbert Bethany W Pope Myfanwy Fox Harry Gallagher Margaret Williams Helen Anderson Jane Burn Storybook Art Oonah Joslin Richard Skinner Interpreter’s House Julie Hogg Ailsa Holland Maria Isakova Bennett Pippa Little and Catherine Ayres amongst others and a superb front cover by Jane Burn too which is up for auction on Morbid’s FB page between now and the 28th March — a chance to own an artwork and support a magazine? Just follow the Morbid link above and bid!

Whatever you’re doing this week enjoy! In the great scheme of things we only have now.