A cosmic event for Trekkies this weekend was the death of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. He invented the Vulcan persona — and the mark to which all other actors playing that role aspired. More than that he was, as a man, a fully paid up member of the human race and he will be remembered fondly.

I was intrigued to learn that the postcard background for Boketto for Beginners was a coffee grain painting by Dakota Stark! This interested me especially because the colour of the universe is, officially, Cosmic Latte! So what better for a poem that invites the reader to become part of that cosmos? I was delighted. Thank you Dakota! More to come this month at PP&P!

March is kind of cosmic in itself. The Vernal Equinox is on the 20th. I always like to use the term VERNAL ever since very unproffessionally, an ex-colleague interrupted my poetry lesson and said in front of a class that she “didn’t think they’d need to know that, Mrs Joslin”. Well, as it happens this VERNAL Equinox is on the 20th and between 8am and 9:30 there is to be a partial solar eclipse which will be seen to darken the skies here over northern Britain. As a lover of all things cosmic, I hope we have a fine morning that day so that we get the full effect.

Dates of note:              1st TODAY! St David dragon1
17th St Patrick

And on 16th The Last Day’s of Coloca short story by me, and I do not write at that length often, comes online in Bewildering Stories. I hope you will read this one! It started as a flash fiction story in MicroHorror — The Final Chapter. That won an award and you also see the prize by following the link. But it set me off on the more detailed exploration of the world they inhabit. If you’d like to know the entire story of these creatures, all will be revealed in BwS this month. COSMIC 🙂

I have 99 Stories in MicroHorror alone and I intend to make that 100! Go and have a read. You’re bound to find SOMETHING to suit and if you do, do let me know. I like to know!

And The Linnet’s Wings Spring Issue should be out soon so look out for that! We have some great poetry and other stuff for you.