Happy LUPERCALIA — Roman festival that predated this tawdry little Valentinian affair. Men used to run about naked and pregnant ladies would get in their way. Noel says that if he did that only police women would get in his way 🙂 and they wouldn’t be amused!

But you know there are signs of nature making preparations for its annual LURVE FEST. An adder was spotted out in the open in Northumberland this week, tom cats were catterwauling last night and this morning there are a great many bird calls and a general skittering about. A little cat has decided to visit our decking every morning and is obviously interested in some mouse activity under there. It’s all happening! Probably those are the very signs that places this festival where it is — on the Ides of February. And me? It’ll be moussakka and a sponge cake and some Chateauneuf du Pape.

I LOVE those nice people at PostcardPoems&Prose who have given me a week to myself from the 16th – 20th Feb 2015 so I hope you will call in and say hello there next week! The poems are called:

Wish List:

Boketto for Beginners:

They make a neat trilogy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore immediately, please call in at my latest little fit of the giggles: Fit for a Queen at Short Humour  This link will take you to my page of stories there so if you fancy a laugh today and you don’t want to stand naked in front of a mirror, that’s the place to be.

I put AVerse to Valentines on my other blog last Friday and while I was doing that another poems from my teenage years came into my head. It happened one day when I was about 14 and Miss McCrea had set our class a poem for the school mag as homework and Mr Marsh had set us something I couldn’t fathom for Maths. Now my friend Beth (I can’t rmemember her surname Grrrrrh) was rather good at Maths but hopeless as a poet and I was ace at English but innumerate — still am!!! So that morning in the cloakrooms Beth gave me her maths book to errr… copy the homework and I scribbled a quick poem which she could write out neatly during morning break. Result? Neither of us got detention. But she had my poem published in the school mag under her name and we couldn’t tell anyone.

Now that the danger of detention is well past, I take back the wee poem I abandonned to save our skins! Only it will now be called Little Lost Poem — because I can’t remember the title!!! DOH!

And now… Little lost poem — I love you too xxx and have remembered you all these years!!!

Oh, I have seen the sun rise

mystic in the hidden east

and set majestic

in the psychedelic west

and burn a trail

through the blue sky

that left the day hot and

sizzling plunge to darkness

in refreshing seas.

By Oonah Kyle aged about 14

Right. I fessed up.

Your turn! I want to know your schoolgirl/boy misdemeanour!