Sometimes I look at work that has been published and I wonder where it came from. Henderson’s Hand is about that theme and yet I can tell you exactly where it came from. I was at Woodhorn Museum with my sister and we were lucky enough to be able to view ALL the work of Oliver Kilbourn, my favourite of The Pitmen Painters of Northumberland. He was a coal miner. All coal miners rely on their own light in a non-metaphoric way. He painted scenes of ‘light’ from down in the dark mine, light and camaraderie. He painted pit ponies let out into the light for their annual holiday. I said to Esme that I loved how he painted light and that gave me an idea for a story — something about a hand painting light. The story itself would be dark. A hand. Henderson’s Hand.

BwS — Henderson’s Hand Of course the story itself is a bit ‘Lovecrafty’? A bit sinister — it’s his left hand. But ultimately it leads to light.

Fine Linen — On Angel’s Wings  is about light in a away too — bright wings and wisdom. It is my family’s favourite story of mine. When I get my copy of this fine little mag I will put it up but you can hear editors Kath Mickelson and Dave Moorhouse chatting about it HERE

PostcardPoems&Prose — Outside In is more about enlightenment. We do judge by appearances. We make assuptions. We wonder what ‘has gone wrong‘ in someone else’s life and sometimes we should mind our own business. It’s a lesson I learned in my 20’s and one worth revisiting now and then when I get a bit ‘above myself’ so to speak. I am glad so many of you liked it.

If you missed any of my January work, please go HERE to catch up. And tomorrow my other blog will say farewell to January in pictorial fashion.

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