I have decided to cut back on blogging a bit in order to write. This blog will now be published on the 15th and 30 of the month.

I started the New Year rather well in terms of poetry with two pieces in Bewildering Stories’ Annual Review. This is no mean feat. It’s the best of the best from 2014 and at BwS that takes some doing! So please go and read that Review. Every piece has passed a high bar to be there. Also the BBC programme that inspired Stored and Restored was recently repeated but I am sure you can fine extracts still:

Pavlopetri City Beneath the Waves.

If you get the chance. take a look at both!

A rather lovely consequence of that was that I tweeted that the poem was up and Dr. Jon Henderson, underwater archaeologist tweeted back!

I hadn’t seen it – thanks for your fantastic poem! Maybe we could use it in the final report on the site?

Now that’s what I call a TWEET! 🙂

First up this year is also in BwS. Why I was looking up the etymology of ‘windows’ I can’t now recall but the process lead to this poem and the process of typing the poem lead to its conclusion so it’s a pretty neat window on the New Year.


I met Colin Will at Dunbar last August. I had wanted to meet him for some time. We read a few poems to each other and he liked this one and asked if he could have it for Open Mouse. I was thrilled because it is a Scottish poem — inspired by watching a programme about wildlife in the Cairngorms but also by my reading around fractal patterns and the production of CG landscapes and oh, all manner of other bits and pieces, including my love of spelling. The title had to have two ‘P’s 😉 I really love this little poem. It took a long time to write. I hope you enjoy it too.

Perfect Plumage

Stars are Huge and Far Away on PostcardPoems&Prose was written just before actor Robin Williams’ death but I couldn’t help feeling that connection with him and so I dedicated it to his memory. I am sure you can see why.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary — has its golden moments. More later.