Christmas is a time for sharing and yet while we share food and gifts with loved ones there are always absences to be faced and those are all the more difficult this time of year because of this Cult of HAPPINESS that is forced upon us by the media until we are overstuffed with it all like turkeys. Everyone is expected to BE MERRY it seems.

Well not everyone can be Merry.

Our family lost two dear ones this year and my thoughts turn also to the families in Glasgow who expected to spend this Christmas as every other, and whose hearts were shattered yesterday by a tragic accident in George Square.

And there are those without food and shelter, without hope of employment, without love, without the mere necessaries of life.

I am not being a kill-joy. I am just asking that you spare a thought, maybe do something kind.

Meantime at my house:

The biscuits are baked
The Cake is bejewelled

and I am slightly BEWILDERED as ever.

Do I like Christmas? Not really. Hallowe’en is so much more honest — don’t you think?


And afterwards: A poem of mine is being published on Boxing Day in PostcardPoems&Prose and another at Epiphany in Open Mouse and a little micro-tale somewhere to be announced (not sure why I can’t tell but I was asked not to…) and a story in Fine Linen‘s first Issue in January and who knows what else will transpire in 2015…

TLW14 is available now. It is beautiful. BUY one — for no particular reason and if you can’t afford that, then read the Pdf version 🙂 Writing is meant to be read.


I wish you all a PEACEFUL and CONTENTED Christmas