Oh My God It’s Ours

Obviously we can’t promise

but if you want     you want

the new design

the shape     better than any

you’ll also be impressed

heft and feel, each designed, fits the hand

you’ll want no other     the shape

our service because we care     and magic

but how about a few testimonials

the size of it

So new!

Clarke’s Law at work

Billy, 15, wanted time alone

“Patience,”  ha ha

first Dad and Mom

with so many offerings and a big

BIG challenge

can you feel the impact?

obviously we can’t promise

nothing can ever be the same

every contour and the mass     the shape

the shape

please     PLEASE

send me

Oh My God It’s Ours — is heavily inspired by advertising language almost enough to be considered ‘found poetry’.
I noticed one day that if you stripped away the name of a product being advertised in the back of news magazines—men’s watches, electric shavers and other gadgets; the deceptively bland filler text actually was kind of creepy. So I put together a poem using that ambiguous tone describing an unnamed object that just might be a little wondrous yet frightening at the same time.

Well we know you like c r e e p y, Jeff. That’s why you always liked to be Editor for October — that and IT’s YOUR BIRTHDAY! 🙂 Hope you have a GREAT DAY XXX and thanks for the poems.

Folks I give you Mr. JEFF JEPPESEN! —– A P P L A U S E

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