To be brief, I wrote a story for microhorror and when it came on screen, the whole white against black thing threw up the inevitable little human error. At the beginning of the final paragraph I had written ’till’ for ‘ ’til’ — the abbreviation of until. That annoyed me and so I wrote to correct it and Nathan, who is knowledgeable in all things grammarly, tells me that ’till’ predated the modern ’til and was in fact, the form prefered by microhorror. I thought the verb was to do with agriculture and the noun was the update of a cash box but apparently I am a little out of touch.

So here is the definitive DEFINITION

Here is a link to the story Little Human Voices.

Here is a link to my BwS poem this week. My Aspen at Wallington and here is the tree itself. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA with me under it. Those big, broad leaves do sound wonderful!

I was hoping to give you a link to The Linnet’s Wings — Autumn 2014 but I don’t have one yet. Soon I hope.

Next week I will have another Jeff Jeppessen poem for you on Monday which will be his BIRTHDAY 🙂

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