Heading into October, I have three more poems for you from a fellow EDP Editor to celebrate and honour all the work we did together on 5 years of the mag which is now sadly closed. The ARCHIVE is still available. Do visit.  In September I gave you three poems by Constance Brewer. Now it is the turn of Jeff Jeppesen.

What can I say about Jeff? He always makes me laugh. Jeff was a joy to work with because he was always so generous with his comments to our poets and he is a great team player! Always up for a bit of banter 🙂 Like most of my colleagues at Every Day Poets, he started as a contributor but he was really interested in being involved as an editor and what a great editor to have on the team!! Here are some links to his impressive archive of poems and Editorials JEFF JEPPESEN at EVERY DAY POETS

This is how Jeff looks.


Why poetry?

I guess I feel poetry is the closest approximation to getting a powerful memory into words. I am attracted to poetry’s focus on imagery and moments. In fiction, I like a multifaceted character involved in a clever plot, but my greatest joy in reading is the discovery of singular moments that make me live somewhere else for just a second. Poetry does that for me most consistently. I write some fiction, but I am not good with plot or “what happens next”. I’m better at drilling down to everything swirling around a few particular moments: the colors, smells, emotions, meaning.

Poetry what do you love and what do you hate?

I like poetry that makes me feel a little disturbed or overcome.

I like a poem that builds an image, or images that lead me somewhere I may not have thought I really wanted to go before I started reading it.

I like poetry that speaks plainly. No matter how complex an idea might be, there is no need to be overly esoteric and obscuring with language.

I hate poetry written exclusively for other poets. A writer’s job, whether a novelist, journalist, editor or poet, is to communicate. Anybody out there should be able to pick up your work and find a connection to it somewhere on that page. Poetry is not some high school clique; you shouldn’t have to be “in the know” to get it.

And poetry written about the act of writing poetry with the conceit that a poet is some special, rarified type of being makes me really pissed off.

Some memories of editing at EDP.

I have good memories of working at EDP. Sure Oonah ruled with an iron fist, but you get used to the abuse. Honestly, every staff member was a joy to work with. I felt appreciated, which to me is the most important aspect of any job.

Oooh — all gooyey inside 😉

I’ve never been an editor before so every day was a learning experience. Finding the really good poems in the submissions queue was rewarding, entertaining and never felt like real work. And I got to take the lead on two October issues which was a total blast.

Tell us something about your achievements and ambitions as a writer.

My ambition is to keep plugging away and finding homes for my work. I’ve been able to place my poetry in a range of journals both online and in print.

Some coming up in The Linnet’s Wings Autumn ’14 folks 🙂

A handful of poems have made it into good science fiction journals such as Space and Time and Strange Horizons. Soon I need to sit myself down and figure out how to get a book ready.

Recently I was able to combine my other favorite thing, table top gaming, with writing, when I was asked to edit the rulebook for an upcoming dice and card game, Talaiden Tactics. Our Kickstarter is LIVE NOW. Take a look on our website, Talaidentactics.com,

Without EDP I don’t think I would have been considered for the job.

It looks FANTASTIC Jeff — Congratulations and every success.

This is how we girls liked to imagine JeffJeff's uniform.

Is nothing sacred?!

The first of his poems will be up next MONDAY. Yes I said MONDAY. I am changing the day for this Blog — Why? I have my reasons… Allow me to remain — mysterious.