Appropriately, because Japanese Short Forms are her speciality, we end Constance Brewer’s trilogy with a Tanka which I think says it all!

Tanka – This poem is based on an image, a glimpse of something I saw in passing. What struck me at the time was of all the buttons in this glass jar, there were only two sky blue ones, one at the top, and one at the bottom. It felt lonely, how separated they were. The first poem was longer, and I pared it down and whittled and chopped until I suddenly realized the poem wanted to be a tanka. Once I put it in that form, it settled into place without a lot of fuss. Not too much revision after I found the proper form. (Not abandoned, finished.)

years of buttons

in a glass Ball jar

the blue one on the top

so far from the blue one

on the bottom


*Previously Published in American Tanka

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