I fell out of love with fennel. It’s feathery and tall but it’s a bully and it seeds everywhere. So today I dug it out.


And I was quite pleased with myself — not for digging it out, but because this is the first real gardening I have done this year, having had an operation in March, I had to be careful.

Then I took the crocosmia to task too but there’s more to do in that corner. Then I moved the rhubarb and the chives to a more accessible place where I can get at it.

I put the seaholly into a more appropriate spot at the back of the border where it can’t get at me! I do love seaholly but it BITES. Along with it I placed a few iris bulbs that may or may not ‘take’ again. They can have a chance.

I am going to try and save some pelargonia cutting this year to prettify the border next summer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand transplant the orange crysanthemum that has flowered almost constantly throughout an entire year — it had flowers on Christmas day.

It all needs a good dig and some manure but I felt I had done enough for the day. Took me about an hour. But if I spend an hour a few times a week in doing these little clear-outs and tidy-ups, I reckon I will be able to put in some bulbs for next spring.

I am wondering whether to put a small apple tree in the centre circle. It would be nice to have apples. It’ll depend how deep we can dig that. I believe it’s all stony.

I was never much of a gardener. I try and try — end up growing weeds — try again. That’s life!