Today is our 34th wedding anniversary. At the weekend we were in Scotland for the wedding of our friend Alwyn to her lovely new man, Bill.

img061We are so pleased for Alwyn and look forward to getting to know Bill better over many years to come.

I was a great day. It poured down! — about the only truly wet day this summer but it didn’t cast any cloud over the day. A piper piped the guests in and piped the bride and groom out. Kilts swung. Champagne flowed. Everything went according to plan and the bride was beautiful, as was bridesmaid Margaret, and the groom. We managed to scrub up okay too and we had some really lovely chats with a lot of people we’d never met before.

I had written a poem for the occasion and it went down well so for those who liked that and have this address;

Wedding Poem for Alwyn and Bill

When they met Bill and Alwyn were
ASDA’s best
far away, beyond the rest
on holiday
both of them off their trolley
in a very special kind of way.
They were committed
to customer satisfaction
he in Dundfermline,
she in Ashington.

Geordies and Scots either side of the border
relied on them to have on order
on time and ready for retail
prawns for their once a year
Christmas cocktail
cheese not too near
its sell by date
seasonal produce
never late.

Alwyn once told me
the importance of ordering
enough prawns and no waste.
A daily dilemma every manager faced.

And Bill once pointed out that
‘Things too well preserved
are seldom ripe and never vintage.’
Well that’s where these two have the advantage.

Not that I’m saying they’ve been around
but Alwyn knows vintage
from plain gone-off
and Bill can smell a bargain
when its under his nose
and they’ve both been up and down aisles enough
to know what’s quality and when to BOGOF.

That makes them the perfect pair.
They won’t just work hard – they really do care.
And for that reason I’m very sure
they’ll take care of each other;
they will endure.

As you walk these new aisles together, may
there be no breakages along the way.
May you aye be met with smiles every day
and may every hour together be top quality.

Good people, raise your glasses if you will.
A toast to the RE -Taylors,
Alwyn and Bill!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso thank you both for the lovely bouquet you gave me and thanks for making us part of your special day.