This page is dedicated to the memory of Robin Herrnfeld

died 6th July 2013

I may not get to post much for a couple of weeks as I have my sister visiting me and I don’t intend spending precious time sitting at the computer.

It’s been a weird year ever since last July. Just after my 59th birthday, I heard the terrible news that my dear colleague and great friend and mentor (whom I had never met,) Robin Herrnfeld, had died in a tragic accident. She was our Slush Editor at Every Day Poets and Group Host of Flash Poetry at Writewords. Little did I think then, that by this anniversary I would no longer be editor of that magazine and so my intention to mark the anniversary there would not be feasible. But instead I shall do so here. Fewer people who valued her work, as I did, will see it but if you are one of those, please share to celebrate her life and her work.

Wood fire in Summer

Box of Balloons

On Writing an Etheree