I don’t mind being 60 later this week. Every added year is a privilege.

I remember when my mother was 60 and as a cheeky 20 year-old, bursting into her room with a little present (Tweed perfume) saying:

Well how does it feel to be sixty?

She turned from putting on her face powder and said to me, “It’s just like being 16. You’re always the same person inside.”

I shuddered. I would always suffer from nightmares? be afraid of the dark? have an overactive imagination? be emotional? feel inferior?

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. All I wanted was to be told I was ‘a cheeky wee monkey’ and have something thrown at me!

And was she right? Well not about everything really I am pleased to say. I have turned some of those nightmares and emotions into damned good stories as it happens. THIS ONE for instance comes from a real nightmare. Read it!

My mother was full of sayings and wisdom but she knew how to hit home and maybe she didn’t like being reminded she was 60. I don’t care. I’ll be pleased when I am 80 or 90. So wish me a happy 60th birthday next Saturday by all means. I intend to celebrate and enjoy!

Welcome to my nightmare 😉