I once had green highlights. True! Back in the eighties when I was 30-odd I saw a woman in Cardiff who had lovely red hair cut in a fringed style that licked over her neck and face and about an inch of hair all round the edges was bright luminous green like one of those felt tipped pens — dayglo. Anyway I decided to have me some of that and I asked my hairdressers to intersperse my strawberry blond with dayglo green.

She did a bleach test and found that my hair has a white base — not a redhead then — true strawberry blond — and she proclaimed that this could make things awkward. To get that green she had to use emerald black for precisiely ONE MINUTE or I would have black highlights. Anyway we proceded and for a while kids in school would come up and say,

“Miss — is your hair green?”

I liked that. But it wowed nobody. Not even me. The colour blended so naturally with my hair that hardly anyone could see the real difference! Who’d have thunk?! 😦 And my wardrobe contained quite a lot of — green — as I recall.

Apart from a beehive w a y b a c k when Helen Shapiro and Dusty Springfield were the rage, I think that is about as adventurous as my hair ever got.

Those adverts — the ones with girls with long tresses who swish them around — the ones that promise to reverse all the damage you have inflicted on your hair over years of heating rolling curling straightening bleaching colouring etc — They are meaningless to me except on a level where I fail to understand why one would pay that much to inflict years of damage and then pay that price to repair it when Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is tear free! and easy on the purse. Tres silly methinks!

So I went to the hairdresser’s this week and when she asked, ‘What are we going for?’ I said, ‘Cut it short.’

I am 60 soon. Maybe after 30 years it’s time to go for a new look. I see blue is popular these days. But I don’t like blue that much.  Pink? I once had a bride doll, lacey dress, high heels, pink, perfumed hair. Hated her! Purple? Perhaps not yet.

If I am patient my hair which is now a peachy blond, will probably continue its course towards white and I won’t even have to pay for the bleaching 🙂

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