When that woman was in charge of the Tory party she encouraged the working classes to think that if they bought their own house instead of renting, it would somehow make them ‘property owners’ and therefore considerably less working class. Aspirations. Entrepreneurial spirit — all that shite. And Loads-a-Folk fell for it.

This convinces me that most people would rather get rich themselves than see their neighbour have a decent lifestyle and would rather doff the cap and bend the knee and be told what to do rather than think — oh but wait she’s really dismantling council workers’ jobs and social benefits and decent housing for all.

Of course this lot has done even better. Whilst the queen has several palaces and Dukes and Duchesses live in grand castles surrounded by trinkets worth a working man’s lifetime wages, they have disallowed widows and disabled people a spare room in which a friend can spend the night unless they pay EXTRA for it in Bedroom Tax — an extra they can’t afford. 

Perhaps this summer’s queen’s speech took the biscuit though. David, in a sudden attack of GREENESS (because they increased their vote recently and he didn’t) decided that in the interests of the environment, supermarkets should charge 5p for each bag. Now I take my own shopping bags and I agree in principle — but HEY Davey — wake up! Some of them already DO. AND is it in the interest of the environment too that you are trying to privatise the Land registry and make it

LEGAL to FRACK under our homes without our permission?

I call that an infringement of my rights.

We do hold the FREEHOLD for this few square yards of England! I thought that was a legal clause too!

Property owners? HA! Fooled you!!

Now I am sure that when this FAT CAT (shares are being snapped up as I tap the keys) FRACKING commences, the North East and Wales and other areas where there are already mine works under us will suffer most. WHY? Well we don’t VOTE TORY do we… And anyway we already live on mines so if a few sink holes appear and lots of us get swallowed down to Tory Hell — no voters lost. It’s in the interests of —- BUSINESS.

But as Lord Howell said and David obviously agrees:

Fracking should be carried out in the North East of England, where there are large, “desolate” areas, a former energy secretary has said.

Lord Howell of Guildford argued there was “plenty of room” for developments and less concern than was the case over “beautiful natural areas”.

True Tory Colours.

Additionally fracking is NOT environmentally friendly at all. So, so much for GREENESS. 

I say chaps…Why not FRACK under Buck House? Why not FRACK under Chequers? Why not FRACK under say… Westminster. I mean that is a moral wasteland and we’d none of us miss you.

Cuss the Fracking lot of ’em! say I


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This Wasteland

This Wasteland