Now available. It’s a collection of Flash Fiction all with a little twist. A great read. Only the best got in — so I am very proud to be here for the second year in a row. BUY IT!

Last week I was once more in PostcardsPoems&Prose with Fired Up but please do feel free to browse the rest of these and the site in general.




Spring Flirtation

Opening Day

I also made a debut appearance last week in Open Mouse with

Gaia’s Great Flood Thanks to Colin Will for having me.

Today the lovely Amanda Baker is coming to see me and have lunch. I am looking forward to a nice chat. It’s been ages!

Saint Patrick’s Day is over and gone. We are approaching the Vernal Equinox. Daffodils have opened and I have had my gall bladder operation and I feel better than I have in months, possibly over a year! I didn’t realise how ill I had become!

Perhaps at last I can get back to some writing. But first I am looking forward to my friend and colleague Kathleen Mickelson and her husband Jim, visiting us in April and I will be busy for a while preparing to welcome them to our home as they did us (and their hospitality knew no bounds!)

March they say ‘comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’. I think this year the lion ate the lamb and is quietly licking her paws in cat-like contentment but you won’t hear a bleat out of me. For the moment I am just enjoying each pain free meal and loving the fact that there are plenty more lambs to go round 🙂

In short I am counting my post operative blessings.