Postcard Poems and Prose is a great little online mag and it’s soon going to merit a place in my headings as I now have quite a few pieces there. This week’s was TERMINATOR which I hope you enjoy and I have a poem coming up on March 6th. In the meantime here’s some catch-up:



Spring Flirtation

Opening Day

Only 3 days left in February and then it’s Saint David’s Day which we of course celebrate being Welsh (and ‘honorary’ Welsh). Welshcakes are delicious but I am not sure I can have any this year because they are more buttery than scones. And pancakes? I’ll have to think about those too! But daffodils I can enjoy and the first of ours has already appeared.

How about a random read from BwS? Spring Song

and a little spring from my back yard: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA