It’s not that often I talk about paint. It’s not that often I paint — rooms that is. I have been known to do the occasional poor water colour or worse oil but when it comes to rooms I am — let’s just say LAZY and be truthful. But more than lazy I am clueless too. Not the ideal combination. I was lucky enough to have on my side, my friends Bet and Joe (he of the walking stick) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA who did a little research (& a lot of the work) and came up with this new paint VALSPAR PREMIUM. Now I am not one to advertise products usually but I went to see a demo at B&Q and this stuff honestly covered animal print wallpaper in one coat. Still I thought my blue walls might be a challenge (well actually they were the previous owners blue walls). Anyway, I decided on a , warm, mushroomy shade called Smooth Pebbles (these things have daftest names) and the second impressive thing is that the range of colours and shades is HUGE and they make the amount you want to order. Of course they use a recipe code not the daft name 😉

Armed my tray and a paint pad (again suggested by my friends made as I usually end up with more on me than on the wall) and after some renovations and prepping off we went.

This paint is amazing. It goes on smooth as butter, has no odour and my blue (same shade as Zeek here), turned mushroom in one coat!


Two and a half litres did the room + and I still have some left. It wasn’t much more expensive than any of its competitors and anyway buying undercoat would have cost more in the longrun.

So if you have a painting project in mind for the near future — save yourself time and hassle. Buy this!