Money is the object

When Somerset became a giant lake, Mr Cameron sat back and let the waters take their course.
When the Home Counties flood, money becomes ‘no object’. But money is the object! Money and power.
The Home Counties are the Tory heartland and he will look after his voters.
What is needed is to disregard money and to invest in a better future of sustainable energies and proper land use in Britain rather than blindly going on as if there is no alternative.
We don’t need more homes on green field sites – we need fewer people! And we don’t need fracking where there are already mines underground just waiting to open as sink holes. There are alternatives. It’s just that there is not the political will to create new jobs.
If we get a dry summer after this they will probably have hosepipe bans! But hey you working class types who have no job and have to pay through the nose for fuels that are literally costing the Earth — Tory Shareholders must have their cash!