28th Jan 1989 — 25 years ago today — I remembered the date because it’s my friend Jean’s Birthday and I am like that about birthdays.

It was a memorable day though. A Saturday. And I went shopping in Talbot Green. The weather was mild. I was going to buy a pair of shoes. I had just started a new job and found the corridors slippery after rain and didn’t want to slip and fall — ironic as it turned out. Outside of the shop I tripped over rough paving and up in the air I went, landing my full weight on my right arm with an audible SNAP went my ulna!


Kind man helps me up. Buys me tea (mistake). The cafe people make a sling from a table cloth for me. They all decide I need to go to A&E and the man takes me there in his car — all the way to Pontypridd.

I wanted to faint but I couldn’t!

At the hospital he got me attended to and then and took my car keys and address. He phoned my husband, picked him up and took him to where the car was parked so he could come to me.

I don’t even know this man’s name!

A little kid there with a broken finger was crying so much I let him see my hand and wrist, all blue and purple and swollen with an upturned dinner fork appearance where the fingers had no support anymore — bone poking through the skin. He thought it was so AWESOME! he stopped crying immediately.

They operated (after they tea had worn off — BIG mistake! Never give anyone anything in case they need an op!!!) and put the arm in plaster to above elbow. That was the start of lots of painkillers and appointments and physio — right up until May 1989 and this wrist has never been properly mobile since…and gives me some pain now and then… but it reminds me of the incredible kindness of strangers and that there is good in this world.

Thankyou whoever you are for your time and care.


As you see painted in Apr ’89 when I was recovering.